A Night To Remember – Benefit for Haiti

A Night To Remember – Benefit for Haiti

Benefit for Haiti

A multicultural event incorporating dance, music, food, & fashion to benefit Haiti

279 Tremont Street, Boston, MA
[Click Here for Royale Venue Photos]

Presented by

The Boston International Film Festival (BIFF) & South Shore Casting (SSC)


Celebrity MC
Vinny Vella
Co-Star in “Casino”, “Sopranos”,
“Analyze That”, & more…

An International Fashion Show by
Kim’s Fashion Design
& Karen Warren

High Energy Dance Routines by
Zumba Instructors Dance Troupe
(Salsa, Belly Dance, Latin Hip Hop, & Jazz)

Legendary Capoeira Master
Mestre Bimba/Dende
& Mundo Capoeira

Brazilian Belly Dancer
Perla Al Shamsa

The Explosive & Sensual Music & Dance of
Samba Tremeterra
Dancer, Randi Henry
Dancer, Charlye Cunningham
& Deraldo Ferreira on Drums

Close-Up Magic by
Mass Magic
Eric Kennedy
Darren Yong
Max Lai
Jeff Pyzocha
& Surprise Guests

Singing by
Jessica Mellott

Partner Dancing by
Dan Marshall
Katalin Matyus

International Dance Music by
Aaron “DJ AERYN” Parent
formerly DJ VICIOUS

(Online ticket & donation form on left)

100 VIP Admission
($60 Tax-Deductible)
Includes A Complimentary Buffet
& VIP Access

$50 General Admission
($25 Tax-Deductible)

$25 Honorary Discount Ticket

21+ & Proper Dress

Additional Donations are
Greatly Appreciated!

§ Benefit Committee Members
§ Info About CRUDEM – Our Event Beneficiary
§ Co-Sponsors & Affiliates
§ Event Press Release (0.65 MB PDF File)
§ CRUDEM Brochure (4.61 MB PDF File)
§ Royale Venue Photos
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Benefit Committee Members

Nancy M. O’Brien
Event Producer, BIFF Special Events Coordinator, South Shore Casting Partner

Patrick Jerome
BIFF Director & Founder

Dan Marshall
BIFF Special Events & Entertainment Director, BCCA Executive-Artistic Director

Susan Sheilds Darian
BIFF Special Events Marketting & Promotions Director, South Shore Casting Partner

Lynne Aylesworth
BIFF Special Events Assistant

Laura Corda
Fashion Show Director

Info About Our CRUDEM – Our Event Beneficiary

Against the back drop of the Boston International Film Festival, talents from the entertainment industry join forces to benefit Haitian Relief and CRUDEM/Hôpital Sacré Coeur. This hospital has been a beacon of hope to the Haitian people, and has provided uninterrupted service for 23 years thanks to the dedication and seflessness of the founders and volunteers who have given so generously their time, resources and skills. With less than 100 beds and only 2 operating rooms, Hôpital Sacré Coeur has been inundated with the treatment of victims from the massive earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th, 2010. Hôpital Sacré Coeur‘s ability to handle the most severe cases found itself the epicenter of treatment. Its’ staff, volunteers, blood bank, pharmacy, pediatric wing, on-site lab and mobile clinic have been stretched to incomprehensible limits. Since the devastation, many have made the pilgrimmage with their wounded to HSC by whatever means available, in a country where a bicycle is a luxury. That number has increased exponentially with Naval and US Coast Guard arrivals of patients in desperate need of care. A MASH-type of operation was quickly set up using classrooms from an adjacent school as dormitories, soccer fields as runways, and banana groves as a “tent city” housing over 300 cots. At the peak, over 90 volunteers were treating 500+ patients taking 25 to 50 cases per day on 3-4 hours sleep. The recovery and restoration of Haiti and its‘ people has just begun, there is much to do, and support has never been so urgently needed.

An example of where your donation goes:

• $100 can buy antibiotics to combat infections

• $200 can buy food for patients

• $500 can provide prosthetics for earthquake victims

• $2,500 can secure urgently needed lab supplies

• $5,000 can assist with the costs of orthopedic operations

But make no mistake, every dollar helps keep the medical resources available to the people of Haiti, supporting the outreach programs, mobile clinics and the rehabilitation needs of those who survived.

It is our sincere hope that you will join us for a wonderful event for a great cause. For more information about The CRUDEM Foundation and Hôpital Sacré Coeur please visit www.CRUDEM.org.

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  1. B”H

    Thank you for rocking the house AERYN!

    You were a major part of our event’s success, and Lauren & I had a great time hanging out with your and your awesome girlfriend!

    Thanks also for creating this wonderful page!

    Let’s talk soon about our next fundraiser!


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