Karma – NH’s Premiere Cigar and Hookah Lounge

Karma – NH’s Premiere Cigar and Hookah Lounge

Owner Shea Beaumont is happy to announce the opening of NH’s nicest and newest Cigar and Hookah Lounge…

Karma @ 1077 Elm St. Manchester NH 03102 phone # 603-64-SMOKE.

Karma is an elegant, high end setting is open to cigar and hookah smokers alike.  Thousands of premium cigars are available in Karma’s walk in humidor.  You may browse the selection yourself or order your cigar from the menu brought to you by our friendly wait staff.  Karma is also NH’s premier Hookah Lounge, where modern meets the Middle East.

Karma offers a wide variety of Shisha (a wet, flavored, molasses tobacco) served in one of many beautifully adorned hookahs.

Whether solo or a large group of friends, Karma is the ideal place for a trip back in time with modern conveniences of multi flat screen TV’s and free Wi-fi. Proper dress attire is required.

Customers must be 21 years of age.

Hope to see you all there.


New hookah shop opens!

Shea Beaumont had a different vision for his newest smoke shop.

Beaumont recently opened Karma, a cigar and hookah lounge located at 1077 Elm St. in Manchester, in an effort to provide an upscale place where men — and women — can enjoy premium tobacco products.

“Guys will certainly come down, but they wouldn’t be uncomfortable bringing their wife or girlfriend either,” Beaumont said.

Cigar lounges in New Hampshire cater largely to men with a masculine “old-tobacco-store feel to it,” said Beaumont, who owns Good Times Smoke Shop in Nashua and Capital Tobacco in Concord. “Karma is a completely different animal altogether,” Beaumont said. “It’s minimalistic, with a slight mix of a Middle Eastern, Tibetan, Moroccan feel. There’s a giant-sized painting of Buddha. It just has that type of feel to it.” Beaumont said Boston has a few high-end hookah and cigar lounges but Manchester had nothing close. With free wireless Internet and a food partnership with Mint Bistro next door, Karma provides a unique outlet in the area, Beaumont said.

Hookah is essentially a communal pipe where patrons smoke Shisha, a wet tobacco mixed with molasses, fruit and herbs. Beaumont said it’s an age-old tradition in many countries that is growing in popularity in the United States. Karma features hundreds of flavors, such as strawberry or orange creamsicle. Beaumont said the tobacco doesn’t taste harsh like cigars can for some.

“You can take a vacation during the day, and just sit and relax with friends,” Beaumont said. “The taste is just incredible, so fruity and full-bodied.”  — Jeff Mucciarone, Hippo Press


  1. This is a really nice lounge. Kudos to the owners and decorators.

    Best of luck to them

  2. I had the pleasure of stumbling across karma while out for a drink the other night! if you havnt been you need to. the place is beautiful and classy, like a boston lounge. staff was great and even had the pleasure of meeting shea the owner in their walk in humidor. shea you were right about the camacho 101 and cant wait to come back and hang. we appreciated everything!!!!!!!! all the way around great time and my favorite manchester spot! clean, classy, with out the stuffy. go check it out and have a hookah, cigar, drink and talk to shea…. you will love it!!!!!!! new hampshire is getting cooler.

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