Amber Room Celebrates 4th year!

Amber Room Celebrates 4th year!


It’s hard to believe that four years have gone by that quickly.

The Amber Room has remained the most successful nightlife venue north of Boston for its entire first four years!

Congratulations to owners Charlie Kohler and Dennis Troso on providing the area with an outstanding high quality meticulously cared for venue.

Ensuring to stay current Amber Room has  successfully engaged in an aggressive social media campaign; with a frequently updated YouTube Channel and a strong Facebook presence.

With an incredible staff of DJ’s, Bartenders, Floor &  Door personnel and servers the entertainment value and commitment to customer service both continue to excel.

Proof  Positive that a well run venue can sustain;  after four years the crowds still come in.

Amber Room launched, survived and thrived during one of the worst economic climates in the history of the US mostly due to the focus, savvy  and hard work of the ownership and supportive management and staff.

Congratulations and here’s to four more years!





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