Wednesday Nights: Get Local @ Amsterdam!

Wednesday Nights:  Get Local @ Amsterdam!

Local Food – Local Music – Local Drinks

Nashua bar embraces the Local Movement every Wednesday night.

Since the Grand Opening night of “local” in early August the event continues to pick ups momentum and delight customers!

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The local movement has spread to the downtown Nashua area and Old Amsterdam embraces it every Wednesday night with Local Farm Fresh Food, Local Musicians and Local Drinks.

“Local” is a concept created by local marketing guru Keith Sarason.

NH Nightclub News caught up with Keith recently;  We were curious as to how the concept of “Local” came about.

“Ideas come and go in the night life industry in the blink of an eye.   What is “in” today quickly gives way to new concepts and ideas through trends and promotional marketing.  As an event planner I decided from the beginning of my career that I wasn’t in it for my personal fame, I was in it to give back to the people who supported me.  Over the last 4 years I have thrown parties for celebrities, major music acts and famous people throughout the world.  The most rewarding thing for me through all these experiences was the support from the people in the community.  Their loyalty and enthusiasm was the fuel that kept me going.

For a long time I have been interested in ways to give back to the community.  I believe that true happiness in life is not what you get, but what you can give.   The Greater Nashua area is lucky to have local farms that are just minutes from downtown.  The diversity of the city is something that makes it great.  I have frequented these farms for years now and I watched the cultural movement switch from big chain grocery stores to sustainable agricultural farming.  This movement is something I am passionate about and it became the motivation for “Local”.
I approached the Old Amsterdam bar with the idea of hosting “Local” and they jumped at it.
Local is a night dedicated to the diversity of our area.   The mission of local is to showcase local food, local musicians and local drinks to the public that might not have known about the vast diversity that exists minutes away from downtown.
Every Wednesday our chef visits the local farms and picks fresh produce.  We craft specials that are 100% local and in season so you get the freshest dishes possible.
Local musician Matt Jackson brings his folky pop sounds to Local starting at 9pm.
Finally it wouldn’t be local without local legendary award winning bartender Jared Bracci. Jared has swept the local best bartender award for years now and with his background in farming he brings his unique drinks to Local.”

We are looking forward to the opening night!


August kicks off eat local month and a local bar,  Old Amsterdam, has embraced the local movement and turned Wednesday night into a smash success with its brand, “Local”. Local features culinary delights fresh from local area farms. Chef Scott McIver has transformed the typical tavern menu into a healthy and tasty option for all pallets. From classic BBQ burgers to Seared chilled tuna made orange vinaigrette with fresh oranges and tomatoes, the new Wednesday menu is sure to please everyone.

In addition to the tasty local creations you can find every week, local musician Matt Jackson plays every Wednesday from 9-12. Matt is joined on occasion with other aspiring local musicians for a night that celebrates all the best in local entertainment.

Finally it wouldn’t be local without our local celebrity and winner of “Best Bartender in NH,” Jared Bracci.  Jared’s award winning drinks have earned him the title of best bartender on several occasions.  Jared mixes up weekly specials from ingredients found locally at the farms throughout the Greater Nashua area.

Don’t Forget:   Get local Wednesday Nights from 6-12!

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