Halloween Weekend – Mishaps vs. Tragedy

Halloween Weekend – Mishaps vs. Tragedy

Blackout in Nashua | Stabbing in Manchester

Knowing that the Halloween weekend would come with it plenty of surprises, many local establishments took the time to talk about the potential pitfalls of a holiday party;  many people may tend to pre-game or over do it and many of these people are those that go out but a few times a year for events like Halloween,  Night before Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.   The head of security at nightlife establishments should make it a point for their staff to stay extra alert and pay very close attention to the crowd and patrons to ensure their safety.  Most places do take these measures but even so sometimes things can and do happen.

In Nashua, at the new Restaurant and Nightlife venue Junkyard they were met with an unusual set of circumstances:  Saturday night was the scheduled Halloween Costume Party with $1000 cash on the line.  The venues VIP tables were all sold out and despite the impending storm there were no cancellations.  Mother Nature decided to intervene and hit the area with a monster of a storm which put power out a little after 9pm.  The power never came back on, many of the patrons decided to stay and make the most of a bad situation and with music supplied by one battery operated speaker and emergency lighting the night raged on!   Everyone who stayed had a great time and vowed to return the following Saturday for the Halloween party and compete for the $1000 cash!  Even in an adverse situation like this the experienced staff and security staff  at Junkyard were able to ensure a safe and good time for everyone.

Heading north about 20 minutes the story on Friday night was quite different.  Drynk ( formerly WB’s) was holding a Friday Night Halloween Party that got out of hand.  Manchester Police officers responded to a fistfight at Drynk, 20 Old Granite Street, a little after 1am Saturday morning and found a man outside in a rear patio area called Ivy, he had been stabbed in his lower back area.

Drynk seems to be finding itself in the headlines in October.  In Mid October, nightclub owner Thomas Svoleantopoulos was cited for violating a city ordinance preventing the discharging of fireworks. When police say they caught his employees setting off fireworks on the roof, while hundreds of people were inside the building

Police say just after midnight on Sunday October 17, an officer found several employees at Drynk setting off fireworks in an alley and on the roof of the club.

The officer reported that the container full of fireworks tipped over and sent “small burning projectiles” onto the wooden roof.

The fireworks left visible burn marks in several areas of the roof.

The club was filled with over 400 patrons at the time of this incident.

The club owner, 38-year-old Thomas Svoleantopoulos was summoned to court violating a city ordinance that prohibits discharging of fireworks.  Looks like Drynk is spiraling a bit out of control after a successful opening.

Until Drynk straightens out whatever growing pains they are experiencing no longer can patrons feel that umbrella of safety they were assured when it was WB’s.

Update 11/ 04/11:

NH Nightclub News was barraged with emails and comments to sum things up it appears that there was an situation at Drynk involving an assault on a Manchester Police officer on Friday Night where officers from other nearby establishments had to head to Drynk to provide assistance.  We were also informed there has been an ongoing reorganization at the establishment;  let’s hope that they straighten things out before things get straightened out for them…We seem to remember a place at the other end of Elm Street called Envy that started out with skirmishes like this and ended quite badly.  Come on Drynk we expect more from you !





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