Junkyard – Grand Opening!

Nashua Nightlife!

The Innovator of Nightlife returns to Nashua!

When Alex Newell wanted to change the look, feel and concept of his restaurant and lounge he wanted it to be unique, he wanted a total transformation…he got it!

The Junkyard is the brainchild of Anthony Cogliano, brought to life by visionary designer Joanna Ciampa.   The end result is nothing short of spectacular.

The venu has in fact been completely transformed into something you have to see;  steampunk meets bordello meets Vegas!

The venue plans to have bands, concerts and live music.

Grand opening weekend starts Friday Night with a sneak peek VIP party from 7 – 9pm space is limited so get your hands on an invite as those people will be let in first!

Friday Nights are on with DJ Jonny C !

Promoter Josh Porter of  J Porter Promotions has joined the team for Saturday nights with DJ Bobby Gallagher.

Nashua was in need of a new entertainment venue- Here you go.

This is exciting -We are looking forward to what comes next….

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