L & M Grand Applauded by Union Leader!

L & M Grand Applauded by Union Leader!

NH Nightlife Review

EVERY BUSINESS is on a constant mission to differentiate itself and stand out in a competitive marketplace. Savvy business leaders recognize opportunities and know when to make a change to capitalize on what they believe to be good timing. Often, you see examples of companies that make decisions where the timing and offerings turn out to be nothing short of brilliant. I usually don’t write about restaurants and other establishments, focusing instead on business-to business, sales-related topics. But here I’ll use a local example to illustrate how certain companies get it and make moves when the timing is perfect. Nightlife in Manchester has come a long way during the last five years. Downtown Manchester is bustling with restaurants, bars and other nightspots where people can enjoy a night out. Being the largest city in New Hampshire you would expect this to be the case.   But people who are used to larger cities know that Manchester is still lagging a bit when it comes to dance clubs and similar types of venues.  We certainly have plenty of bars, but that’s about it.

Most people with an entrepreneurial mindset have recognized this.   And as with most business opportunities, it’s not just about recognizing the opportunity, but also acting on it. That’s what the founders of L&M Grand in Manchester did.  I personally don’t frequent nightclubs regularly, but once in awhile, I enjoy going out and seeing what’s happening in the city.  A few weekends ago, I visited L&M Grand and quickly realized what a different experience this venue provides.   And of course, I also recognized the savvy business decisions that were behind it. To start, I learned there was a dress code. While the regulars in Manchester may be annoyed by the rule, I think it is outstanding. From what I have seen, it is the only place in Manchester that requires people to dress somewhat normal. Women have a little more freedom, but for us guys, we have to step it up.  Shorts aren’t allowed.  Neither are T-shirts, hats or sneakers. It may seem like a minor rule, but I felt the difference as soon as I walked in.

The crowd is limited to those who understand, and feel it is worth it to choose and comply. The other thing I noticed about the club was how the employees dressed. It was certainly upscale. Most of the men were wearing ties.  And the women were dressed very classy. Again, this isn’t a major deal, but it certainly

adds to the overall experience. Personally, I liked it. The other major difference I quickly noticed was the

attitude of the staff. When I first walked in, the owner was greeting people at the main entrance. He was friendly, positive and seemed genuinely thankful we chose to visit his club. Again, this isn’t rocket science, but how many places have you been where the people working there make you feel thankful to be there? The overall atmosphere is unique, and different from most anything else you will find in Manchester. The interior is upscale and very well designed. Everything about it screams classy and well thought-out. It’s unlike most anything I have seen in Manchester. The result is a positive, fun and unique

experience. While I am not a restaurant or club critic, I couldn’t help but think of the business lessons that can be pulled from the example of L&M Grand. From perfect timing, to unique offerings, to a highend

experience, the owners of L&M Grand have nailed it. When companies do things differently, potential customers recognize it. People are always looking for a positive experience, regardless of what type of business it is. L&M closed the deal in Manchester by introducing what I consider to be a most upscale, unique and positive experience for those looking for a night out.

Article Written By:  Thompson (cthompson@catch22solutions. com) writes Closing the Deal weekly for the New Hampshire Sunday News.


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