ManchVegas… L & M home to a new venue?

ManchVegas… L & M home to a new venue?

Manchester Nightlife…

A great city with great bars but somewhat limited nightlife options outside of the traditional bars, taverns and sports bar motif.

There hasn’t been anything outside that genre since the original ownership of WB’s opened and ran the venue…After a successful run and building a well known established nightlife destination they sold the business and headed back to Tampa FL. to concentrate on the multiple properties they have in that area. In came someone with good intentions but in way too far over his head in terms of running a venue of that caliber…he was short lived despite the supportive staff, damage was done.

Here are some of the changes that devalued and basically destroyed WB’s….No attention to the details – P E R I O D.  Total lack of  caring in terms of upkeep and maintenance;  IE:  the once gorgeous outdoor area was NEVER cared for – becoming just a smoking area – so sad given the previous ownerships sense of pride and devoted attention to upkeep. New ownership showed zero creativity, zero promotional know how and absolutly no experience in customer and vendor relations and retention, committing  insurmountable damages to both in a very short period of time;  not good for word of mouth in our small city.

Let’s not forget the obliteration of the once delicious nosheries that used to come from Chef Shawn – WB’s had a unique kitchen nightlife combo something original to the area which also added to the customer experience.   New ownership didn’t understand the value  built by the WB’s kitchen and its menu opting to send out warmed up pre-made pizza and nachos…Ahhh goodbye  to the Verizon Wireless pregamers looking for some quality food and beverages!    Enter the land of plastic cups, smaller drink sizes, exit draft beer, micro brewed beer, food, top shelf liquor, the deck DJ  who had the place bumping on Saturday nights, customers and  worst of all employee moral.

New ownership just didn’t have the know how,  financing in place or overall wherewithal to get it done,  add to that the notion that he believed he  knew what he was doing and nobody could tell him different.  Exit new owner.

Goodbye to the last true innovative nightlife venue in Manchester…too hard to call it ManchVegas given the lack of a diversified nightlife.


WB’s is still for sale for $795,000 ( not including the land or property) it is being broker by LeaderGate Realty – CLICK HERE.

With a little work, staffing and creativity this is still the best location in the city for this type of a venue.  Transitioning to something along the lines of Revolution Rock bar ( in Boston) or Scorpion Bar ( MGM Grand – Foxwoods) would add a new layer of fun to the city’s nightscape.

On the wane are the usual and customary strategic opportunists.  Murphy s Taproom has opened an abundant outdoor space. Congrats!

The Shaskeen has a vibrant and well known experienced new owner CONGRATS Jimbo!

Word has it….the old L & M Vending building is about to lose its L & M…..What’s happening there?

It just may be Grand for the city…I hear we can catch a glimpse of what is rumored to be a new nightlife destination in Manchester.

It will be the first original since WB’s, Sorry Mr Gage the latest incarnation of Liquid needed more – with such an amazing space that location should be the premier nightlife destination in Manchester…

I hear a new benchmark may be opening and raising the bar….see you Thursday for a taste…no food pun intended as there isn’t a kitchen …Ballroom License?  Good Luck and may you have a Grand run of it gents!

NHNN will give you a breakdown once the doors open…oh yeah we have a bit of a backstory on that as well…it will make for very interesting reading.



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