Nashua Garden – ESPN means Sports Bar…

Nashua Garden – ESPN means Sports Bar…

Full on neighborhood sports bar brawl is on!

The line in the sand is Main Street Nashua….Okay O’Briens The Garden isn’t taking your presence lightly.

More from the Nash Teleee…

As a new local sports bar opens across the street, its veteran competition is stepping up their game.

FYI:  As If…The name of that Irish Sports Bar is O’Briens…

The Nashua Garden on Main Street is hosting ESPN and Major League Baseball all day on Thursday to film a television commercial to be shown nationwide at an undetermined date.

Ryan Dutton, the self-titled “utility” man at Nashua Garden, said ESPN found the sports bar during their search for places to film a commercial. Dutton said ESPN was “looking for a spot that had sandwiches named after local sports heroes” and the Nashua Garden has an entire menu of them.

“I’m not sure if I persuaded them or not, but I told them what we have,” he said.

The bar serves more than 15 different sandwiches with names like Larry’s Legend, named for Boston Celtics great Larry Bird; The Boggs, named for Boston Red Sox player Wade Boggs; and The Big Poppy, which is named after current Red Sox player David Ortiz and recently won The Hippo Press’ Award for Best Sandwich in Nashua.

Dutton said he is not sure when the commercial will air. ESPN and MLB will stop by the bar today and filming will take place all day Thursday, starting at 5 a.m.

The bar will be closed for most of Thursday to film the commercial, and is expected to reopen for the evening around 8 p.m. Dutton said he wasn’t sure what the commercial will focus on, but he said it’s probably “baseball oriented” and has something to do with coming up with a new sandwich named after current Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

ESPN did not confirm with Dutton if any of the network’s popular personalities or TV anchors will appear in the commercial, but Dutton said he was told the spot might feature one or two actors from Boston and a few of the bar’s employees.

Good Luck Nashua Garden…the game is afoot and just in time for opening day…

Any predicitons on the fate of these two rivals?



  1. No Sandwich named for Mr. Bobby Orr?

  2. How about athletes from NH like…Sam Fuld, Bode Miller, Chris Carpenter….

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