Nashua Sports Bars….Competition heating up!

Nashua Sports Bars….Competition heating up!

Recently,  articles have surfaced in the Nashua Telegraph that give reason to believe a Nashua Sports Bar war is brewing.

Patrick Provost, the general manager at the newly opened O’Brien’s Sports Bar at 118 Main St., said he’s running his business on the premise that you can never have too many friends.

Although in previous communications with The Telegraph, Executive Chef Shawn Roy crowed about O’Brien’s being the “first true sports bar in downtown Nashua,” Provost said Roy’s comments were a bit over the top.

After all, the Nashua Garden, a virtual institution in the city with its memorabilia and sandwiches named for sports stars, sits right across the street.

“The angle I’m taking is we want this be your typical neighborhood pub, the kind of place you visit more than once a week,” Provost said. “I see it as a place where you can come in alone and still be among friends.”

Peter Gagnon, manager of Nashua Garden, said Roy is entitled his opinion, but his operation’s record speaks for itself.

“I guess he can claim that it is true, but we’ve won the best sports bar in Nashua for four or five years in row,” Gagnon said.

While Provost has stated the Chefs remarks were over the top….something spurred them on.  Options are good for people.  While the Garden does win the best sports bar category is it a definitive sports bar?   What’s interesting is that Provost is referring to it as a traditional Irish pub.  OKAY owning I’m pretty qualified to define an Irish Pub and they do not traditionally cross refrence to a sports bar with massive HD presence and waiteresses in referree outfits….Irish Pub or Sports Bar?  Irish Sports Bar? Sports Pub?  HUH?????

So what’s it going to be Mr Provost?

Provost, 26, said he began planning the bar in December, signed the lease in January and soon after started outfitting the 2,000-square-foot space.

Provost said city officials were helpful during the process of opening a new business.

“It seems like they want you to succeed,” he said. “I come from Massachusetts and I think it would be much more difficult to start a business there.”

Provost said he’s friendly with people in the restaurant and bar business in the city, and they’ve all been eager to help to him get started.

“I know a lot of people in the industry, mostly people from downtown, and they all been here offering help.”

The bar held a soft opening last weekend, and is now officially open for business. On the menu is “higher-end pub food” such as calamari and Irish nachos, Provost said. Above the bar, 12 high-definition TVs line the wall.

“We’ve hired eight people all from Nashua who know the city and we’ll just be running your traditional Irish pub, the way it’s supposed to be,” Provost said.

Irish Nachos?

Good Luck Mates…let’s stop all the shenanigans and hijinx and stick to some good competitive draft pouring….This should be interesting.



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  1. In traditional, Irish Pub style O’ Brien’s is now hosting a PUB QUIZ as well. These have been going on Ireland Pubs for over 300 years now so I guess just about every US Irish Pub does one now. I went last Monday and it was a blast. They are giving away Red Sox Tickets and gift cards. I think it starts at 9

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