SYMMETRY – Off to a Great Start!

SYMMETRY – Off to a Great Start!

NH Indie Dance Party!

Last night’s opening night of SYMMETRY at the L & M Grand in Manchester was a breath of fresh air in the somewhat predictable but interesting enough to be dangerous ManchVegas nightlife scene.
One of the event organizers Clever Girl  commanded a wonderful delicious set of beats and is congratulated by the staff here at NH Nightclub News on introducing the area to a new type of evening. The blend of bands and DJ’s keeps things  moving an makes for a perfect vibe for the night.

Young London a local act that has the potential to make a successful run in electro pop danceland;  they captured the crowds attention and had hands up & bodies moving!

Mary Magdalan demanded attention; DJ Producer Gzus was a decent hype guy but Magdalan didn’t need one – she was captivating – despite a few minor equipment flare ups – the set was wicked.  We do hope to see her back again!

Okay organizers of SYMMETRY – Don’t give up on this night! IT was a good launch – Lot’s of positive feedback.  Start planning an early Fall SYMMETRY event PLEASE!

Grand has the prefect venue in the area for this type of an event!  Perfect place to blend DJ’s and Bands – great sound and lights!

The next SYMMETRY is….come on Clever Girl …let us know – when is the next one going down!


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