Kiss Forever @ L & M Grand!

Kiss Forever – New England’s Best Kiss Tribute Band!

First NH appearance since the Summer 2011!  This is  a must see for Kiss fans!

Check out their Website CLICK HERE !

L & M Grand is an amazing venue for live shows!

Come this Friday night for the best Kiss Tribute band in the area Kiss Forever!

About Kiss Forever

KISS Forever formed in late 2009 with the goal to provide a realistic KISS concert experience. Boasting the full stage show and a sound that will make you believe you are at an actual KISS concert, KISS Forever will change everything you think you know about tribute bands.

An integral part of the KISS Forever live experience includes a fan photo opportunity allowing all audience members to interact with the band and take personalized photos with band members at the completion of the show. This is always a big hit with the crowd and one of our favortie parts of our show.

Our live show features an adjustable drum riser to elevate our drummer 1-3 feet high, lighted KISS sign, fog effects, flashing police beacons, laser lights, bass solo with blood spitting, fire breathing when permitted at venue, smoking and light up guitar effects and confetti cannons. We strive to emulate the original KISS while at the same time adding in unique elements and effects that we have created. This makes KISS Forever stand out from some of the other tributes that simply aim to copy KISS’ 70’s style show.

Our full show runs approx. one hour and 45 minutes but can be shortened if needed. We have played with opening acts as well as providing entetrainment for the entire night. Rather than play 3 sets with breaks between sets, we play our entire show lasting almost 2 hours, break briefly and then return to the stage for a 4-6 song encore.

Prior to the start of the show we are a low key group of guys, the only requirements we have from the host venue is to allow us as much time as possible to complete setup and sound check and to get into costume. This entire process takes at least 4 hours. It takes us about 1.5 hours to break down our stage setup after our show.

All our equipment is designed to run on standard 120V outlets without the use of extra generator power. We can supply our own PA system if needed which is powerfull enough for most small to medium sized clubs. We prefer a venue with a stage, however we have played many clubs that do not have a stage with a positive response from those in attendance.

Our live show has been enjoyed by both children and adults. We have played outdoor festivals, fundraisers, clubs, bars and private parties. We are all professionals and have regular jobs outside of the band and we bring this same level of professionalism to our live show. This band exists as an escape for us, where for a short period of time we get to step out of our daily lives and put on what we believe is one of the best KISS tribute acts around. Whether or not you are a KISS fan, it is almost impossible not to have fun at one of our shows!




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