Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo

Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo

Tattoo Festival!

Live-Free-Or-Die-Tattoo-Expo-2014  This yearly trek to Manchester is exciting each and every time.  It’s hard to believe that the show actually gets better each and every year quite a feat for an eight year run.   The show is always well attended and as the cultural phenomenon continues to grow with no signs of slowing down its not great surprise that the coverage of the yearly event at the Radisson continues to gain traction in its coverage.

With the proliferation of newspaper boxes the inevitable spread of Dirty Water News into southern NH continues to pick up steam, so it’s really no wonder that they have found their way to this amazing annual event.


Here is the post by the publisher of Dirty Water News  as well as the video.  We can expect to see more and more Dirty Water coverage of the lifestyles and nightlife scene in NH in the months ahead including the NH Nightlife Awards in September.DirtyWaterNews_BostonNightlifeNews

“With the fanaticism for Tattoos growing so significantly in our modern day culture, it comes with no surprise that conventions and expos dedicated to tattooing are quite a popular attraction. Dirty Water News attended the 8th Annual Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo organized by Spiderbite: a local award winning tattoo and body modification studio in Manchester New Hampshire. The expo was an entertainment complex filled with various artists, contests, clothing and so much more.  We were then invited to enjoy an after party hosted by Club Manchvegas, Manchvegas is known for their outstanding “Country” themed Fridays, great Menu, live music and entertainment. Dirty Water will be spending a lot more time exposing what the city of Manchester has to offer.”

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