L & M Mansion Nightclub –

Manchester Nightlife

Update: 3.15.13

Grand Opening sneak peek this weekend


Manchester’s latest entry to the nightlife landscape is L & M Mansion.  Mansion is the by product of industry professionals led by Greg Kordis (Sound and Lighting Pro and previous owner of Grand) his partners include a photographer / lighting tech, and an electrician.   They did bring in security management pro Barry Longshaw ( previously at Drynk, Grand and Wally and Bernies) in a GM capacity.  Not a lot of information on the venue is available outside of the usual DJ nights on the weekends – Local favorites DJ Flanz and Ilmadic are holding down the weekend.   We look forward to hearing more about what is planned for this space.  Would love to see some photos of the place or a description on what they are doing differently than the massive competition in the area.

Will there be a cover charge?  VIP Service?  Share some photos of the newly designed interior…temptation…

Apparently they join DrYnk as a venue without need to launch a viable web presence outside of Facebook – come on boys water your own garden – why give Failbook all your data  ….All day I dream about Data Data Data….

Good Luck to all involved in the new venture at L & M Mansion!


Here we go – Enter Grand( exit Grand) Enter Thomas Alexander’s Drynk, Enter Social 24- and now Enter Mansion.

Below is the only photo available online at the time of the post – it was taken from their Facebook page - CLICK HERE